Sakleshpura Railway Track Trek (Green Route), Karnataka, India (with photos)

This trek also called the Green Route as you can see greenery all thru the trek has multiple options. The stretch is from Sakleshpura to Subryamanya around 50 km.
1. Sakleshpura -> Donigal -> Edakumeri -> Shirabagilu -> Subryamanya
2. Subryamanya -> Shirabagilu-> Edakumeri-> Donigal-> Sakleshpura
3. Sakleshpura -> Donigal -> Edakumeri -> Exit to National Highway thru Bisleforest

Me & my friends it was a group of 8 people, we wanted to trek the best route which would give us an experience of the railway track trek, forest trek, playing in water, ... So we chose to trek from Donigal to Edakumeri also called as Yedakumari & then exit from there thru Bisle Forest to the National Highway (NH-48). Well, now let me start our journey from Bengaluru.

We took a KSRTC Rajahamsa Bus to Sakleshpura, boarded the bus in Bengaluru at around 11:00 PM. By 4:00 AM we were already in Sakleshpura, we had to start our trek from Donigal so we requested the KSRTC conductor, took the ticket to the next stop & asked him to stop after 5-6 km from Sakleshpura there are a bunch of Tea shops in the curve. We got down there, it was too cold, so we had tea & continued on the same National Highway, it was still dark, we had to walk down for 3-4 km until we reached Donigal Railway Station. By that time it was already bright. We had our light break fast there & started our trek. After trekking for some distance we encountered the first brigde, every one was curious to see the depth of the bridge, you can see Guru seeing down the bridge in the photo to the left :) but since it was a small bridge it was'nt too deep. Then came across many more bridges, it was fun & also thrilling to cross the bridges. We kept on following the track & then we encountered the first tunnel, wow ! when we entered inside it was completely dark, we switched on our torches. Again since this was a small tunnel, we crossed quickly. After trekking for 4-5 km we started seeing the real greenery, on either side it was mountains covered with trees & greenery so the scenery was too good. We increased our pace, then we started feeling hungry as we had break fast at around 6:30 AM & that too light break fast. We had breakfast & fruit juice to get energized, took rest for around 10 mins & started our trek. After covering some distance we encountered a tall bridge, it was really a tall bridge !! Man .. it was too scary to walk on those foot steps, also on most of the places there was big gap between the wooden track support, so if we miss the step then we are gone ! Not down but directly UP :) When we went there were no passenger train running on that route, only goods train were running.Luckily no train came when we were crossing that bridge. For our surprise after crossing one of the bridge we heard the horn of the train & a goods train passed by. Well, now after trekking for such a long distance we were tired, after crossing that tall bridge we came across a small water stream. Got down in to the water played for some time in water.

Left side photo was taken from the bridge, you can see how tall is the bridge. Right side photo is taken from down near the water stream. You can see the height of the bridge, imagine walking on top of that bridge :) that too with no proper path with gaps in between. Looks scary but its really a very good experience, try it out once you will definitely have fun :)
Ok, now it time to start our trek again after a break, we headed towards Yedakumeri on the railway track.
Trekked for another hour & a half then we came across a long tunnel, it was a very long tunnel some 750 mts, don't remember the exact length but it was too long. It was completely dark inside & we were not able to see the other side also. We switched on our torches, we could hear the sound of bats & other birds inside, we could notice water leaking inside, it was bit slippery. After some distance we could see a light, as we approached it, it was the exit of the tunnel. At this time it was really tiring, we had been trekking since early morning covering around 10 km, it was high time we took another break. Ah what a relief, we sat down for some time. Had some food & juice, took some rest. It was already late afternoon around 4:00 PM, we were another 4-5 km to Edakumeri, so we started our trek again. We had plans of staying that night in Edakumeri station. We managed to reach Edakumeri station by around 6 PM. The scenery in that station is so good, it was very beautiful. One side there were huge mountains covered with greenery & on the other side there is thick forest down the mountain. We spent some time seeing the scenery, by then it was already getting dark, so we filled our water bottles, found a place to sleep in the night & started cooking. Had our dinner at around 8:30 PM, did a post dinner walk & then slept. It was around 6:00 AM we started hearing the sound of people walking by. Near to the station towards Sakleshpura there is a water falls, we went there took bath spent time in water & came back to the station. We then headed towards Subramanya, after going a little far, we found a shortcut to the National Highway thru the forest (Bisle Forest) We took that way, again we encountered a water stream, after trekking for around 5 km thru the forest we started hearing vehical sound, it was a National Highway. From there we took a Jeep to Gundiya. Had lunch there & then we got a bus to Bengaluru. We enjoyed the trek, lot of fun, challenge in crossing the bridges, ...
Here are some more photos ...


  1. Hi Rakesh,

    Great post :-)

    We guys (8 members) are planning to trek same route on 30 dec 2010, 31 and 1st Jan 2011.

    Is this route still open?

    Please reply as we are looking for assurance from past trekkers to go ahead with this.


  2. Hi Shashank,

    Thanks for visiting the blog & providing the comments. I am really sorry, i was out of town & on vacation for 10 days, so could'nt respond to your query. I guess you can still go on this route, but you should be really careful in the tunnels & bridges as the train service is started now. Do check the train timings & start the trek. BTW ... did you guys do this trek ?


  3. Dear Rakesh,

    Thanks a lot for the over all railway track trek info. We are planing to go for this wonderfull trek place on 21st jan 2011. So from above info i made over all route info in shortcut way, this may help for others.

    Over all Trek route :
    Bangalore -> Sakleshpura -> ( get down 5/6 Kms after Sakaleshpura this route is National Highway – 48 Route. Than walk 3-4 Kms until we reached Donigal Railway Station.)
    Donigal ->(Actual 20Km trek starts from Donigal station to Edakumeri station) Edakumeri -> (night staying in Edakumeri station, Sunday morning - there is shortcut to the National Highway thru the Bisle Forest so walk 5 Kms thru the forest, you will reach National Highway, than take Jeep to Gundiya)
    Gundiya ->Subryamanya (Gundiya to Subryamanya is aroud 15/20 Kms.) -> Bangalore


  4. by d way can u tell the distance between sakleshpura to subramanya road thru d trek route..

  5. nice blog and nice narration about railway trekking- Prashasti