Aduvi Hanummappana Gudi, Ranebennur, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Aduvi Hanummappana Gudi, Ranebennur - (Kannada: ಅಡುವಿ ಹನುಮಪ್ಪನ ಗುಡಿ, ರಾಣೆಬೆನ್ನೂರು)
Aduvi -> Forest
Hanumappa -> Lord Hanuman/Anjaneya
Gudi -> Temple

Aduvi Hanummappa Temple is a very famous temple of Lord Anjaneya near Ranebennur, Karnataka, India. Its around 5 km north east from Ranebennur city center. Best way to reach this place is to take auto rikshaw or take own vehicle.

Directions: From Head Post circle, take station road, in Sangam Circle take left just beside the Sangam Talkies & go straight until you hit the railway gate, cross railway gate & after 100-200 mts take a right, go along the bank of the lakefor around 2 km, then on the left side you get a small KHB colony, just after the colony the temple is visible, take left to reach the temple.

It seems few decades back it was a thick forest at this place, hence it was called Aduvi (Forest) Hamumappa Temple. A special pooja will be carried out in the Shravana Maasa on every Saturday. Lot of devotees visit this temple in Shravana maasa to perform pooja. After the pooja, its usual tradition to take Mirchi & Mandakki which will be delicious.

While going on the way you can see a lot of good vegetation, crops like Maize, Cotton are cultivated mainly here in this place. There is a lot of greenary, lake which makes the drive very enjoyable.

In the above photo you can see the mountains, one of the mountain is Devaragudda. This is also one of the historical & devotional place.

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