Jog Falls, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Jog Falls (Kannada: ಜೋಗ ಜಲಪಾತ) formed by the River Sharavathi falls from a height of 829 ft (253 mts). This is the highest falls in India located in Sagara Taluk, Shimoga District, Karnataka & falls towards Honnavar Taluk in Uttara Kannada District.

The river Sharavathi splits up in to 4 tracks, which are named according to their significance & trajectories. The 4 tracks are starting left to right in te above Jog Falls picture ...
Raja (King): Named because of its density of water
Roarer: This stream falls on a mass of rocks making a huge noise
Rocket: Large amount of water passing thru a narrow opening at high speed, hence called rocket
Rani (Queen): The stream has a winding, twisting trajectory, said to resemble the movements of a female dancer

Getting there:

From Bengaluru: 2 routes are there to reach Jog Falls
1. NH206 Via Shivamogga, full stretch its National Highway, as of now this is the best route. Distance is around 390 kms. Time taken is around 7 Hrs. Route : Bengaluru -> Tumkur -> Tiptur -> Arsikere -> Kadur/Birur -> Tarikere -> Shivamogga -> Sagara -> Talguppa -> Jag Falls
From Shivamogga Jog Falls is around 110 kms

2. NH4 Via Ranebennur, till Ranebennur (300 kms) its National Highway # 4 & from there its State Highways (120 kms). Distance via this route is around 420 kms. Time taken is around 7 Hrs. Route : Bengaluru -> Tumkur -> Chitradurga -> Davangere -> Ranebennur -> Hirekerur -> Siralkoppa -> Soraba -> Siddapur -> Jog Falls.

This falls is so beautiful that, it looks different from different angles & places. The above picture shows the tip of the falls from where the water falls down 829 ft.

Just before this falls, there is a Dam called Linganmakki Dam, this dam is mainly meant for hydro electric power generation. Most of the Sharavathi river water is held by this dam & used for hydro electric power generation, hence during non-monsoon season, Jog Falls has thin streams trickling down the cliff. During the monsoon season, the local rain water also contributes to the Jog Falls making the streams thicker & beautiful.

Hence the best time to visit Jog Falls is during peak monsoon (July - Oct). Also on every Sundays, water is released from the Dam hence pouring more water from the falls to make the Jog Falls beautiful. So make sure to visit the falls on Sundays.

Other places of Interest near Jog Falls:
* Sigandur (60 km)
* Ikkeri (30 km)
* Varadamoola (35 km)
* Keladi (40 km)

* Chandragutti (35 km)
* Banavasi (50 km)
* Sirsi (55 km)
* Yana (Near Sirsi) (100 km)
* Shivamogga (100 km)

* Idagunji (75 km)
* Murudeshwara (90 km)
* Maravanthe Beach (100 km)

* Om Beach, Gokarna (110 km)
* Karwar (140 km)

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  1. The author of this blog have provided all the necessary details about the Jog Falls that are usually known from the name of Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi. It’s righ that these falls come from four different tracks. I have personally visited there before my nyc niagara tours. The Raja Falls peacefully streams down; the Rani Falls follows a curving path, the Rover Falls come out of a rocky stretch, while the Rocket Falls flows in high speed remaining true to its name.