Mekedatu, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Mekedatu (Kannada: ಮೇಕೆದಾಟು) Meke in kannada means Goat & datu is to leap. Mekedatu is a place in Kanakapura taluk, Karnataka state, India, where the River Kaveri flows thru a very deep narrow ravine. There is also a Sangama where Arkavati merges with Kaveri. This river Kaveri which is around 150 mts wide near the sangama squeezes in to a 10 mts deep gorge so narrow that, the history says even the goat had leaped across this, hence the name Mekedatu.

Getting there:

Mekedaatu is around 90 kms from Bengaluru city & around 100 kms from Mysuru.
From Bengaluru take Kanakapura road, reach Kanakapura town which is around 55 kms, then you need to take a left turn just after the town to the Sangama, there are directions given by Karnataka Tourism, Sangama is around 35 kms from Kanakapura, road is not so good, there is a small ghat section also which has hairpin curves.

After reaching Sangama, you can park the vehicle there & cross the river Kaveri by walk or you can take the boat. Water level at this place is mostly low, so you can cross the river by walk easily. After crossing the river, Mekedatu is around 4 kms downstream. There are private vehicle to take you to the destination & return back for 40/- Rs per head.

Be very careful at the rocks, the rocks at Mekedatu get very slippery during monsoon. The water current at this place is very high. Other places to visit nearby is Chunchi Falls.

Overall its a very good one day picnic spot from Bengaluru or Mysuru. You can also do biking to this place as its very nearby & safe.

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