Galaganatha, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Galaganatha (Kannada: ಗಳಗನಾಥ) is a small village in Haveri Taluk of the Indian state of Karnataka. There is a famous temple "Galageshwara Shiva Temple" here which was built by Chalukyas in 11 century. This temple is situated along the river Tungabhadra. Just after few meters from this temple river Tungabhadra & river Varada join. The people around here call this place as pancha nadi sangama, coz 5 rivers join at this place. Tungabhadra is formed by 3 rivers (Tunga, Bhadra & Kumadvathi) & Varada is formed by 2 rivers (Varada & Dharma)

Side view of Galageshwara Temple

Closeup view of the Galageshwara Temple

The temple is facing towards the east. There is a huge Shiva Lingu inside the temple. Why the name Galaganath ? As the information provided by the local people, in earlier days it was believed that at this place if an iron piece is kept & prayed to God, it used to turn to gold. So people started misusing this & hence it was decided to build "Galaga" a protective cover around this place. From then, this place was called Galaganatha.

Front view of Galageshwara Temple

View from the River bank of Tunga Bhadra

How to get to this place by road:
From Bengaluru: Take NH4 & reach Ranebennur (Bengaluru -- Tumkur -- Chitradurga -- Davangere -- Ranebennur)
From Ranebennur take Guttal road (SH57) & reach Guttal town. From Guttal, continue on SH57 for about 10 km & then take a right turn, after about 3 km you reach the destination.

Bengaluru -- Ranebennur : 300 km
Ranebennur -- Guttal : 25 km
Guttal -- Galaganatha : 13 km

From Hubli: Take NH4 & reach Haveri , from Haveri take SH2 towards Guttal, from Guttal follow the above mentioned directions.

Hubli -- Haveri : 75 km
Haveri -- Guttal : 28 km

Inside the temple, Galageshwara Shiva Lingu

Another side view of the Galageshwara Temple

Rear view of the Galageshwara Temple

Main course we had for lunch in the park of Galageshwara Temple, sweet, rice & few other items missing in this photo :-)

Places of Interest nearby:

* Myalara Lingeshwara Temple at Myalara (Around 22 km)
* Kuruvatti Basaveshwara Temple at Kuruvathi (Around 25 km)
* Honnamma Devi Temple, Honnatti (28 km)
* Ranebennur (Around 40 km)
* Haveri (Around 40 km)
* Lakshmeshwar (Around 45 km)

Here are the inscriptions of the 12 century found in the temple.


  1. Thanks for posting info & pictures of our historical and religious sites. There's still a lot to explore in India! See if you can capture photos of inscriptions as well. If not already there, we should also request the Government to put up a board with all the details.

    And that lunch plate at the end of the page was indeed mouth-watering :-)

  2. Thanks for the comments ! I do have the photos of inscriptions which are dated 1080 AD ! Will add the inscription photos also.

  3. Lovely write up and amazing capture.