Ujjaini Marulasiddeshwara Temple, Ujjaini, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Vishwabandhu Marulasidda (ವಿಶ್ವಬಂಧು ಮರುಳಸಿದ್ದ) is the founder of "Saddharma Peetha" (throne of righteousness) at Ujjaini. The main temple (Garbha gudi) is the Aikya Mantapa of his holiness Sri Marulasidda. He was a saint & social reformer of 12th century. He fought alongside Basavanna against religious exploitation & social inequalities perpetrated in the name of God & religion.

Ujjaini/Ujjini is in Kudligi taluk of Bellary district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Its around 14 km from Kotturu & around 25 km from Jagaluru on the State Highway (SH45)

Getting There:
From Bengaluru:
By road its around 260 km.
Route: Bengaluru -(NH4)-> Tumkur -(NH4)-> Hiriyur -(NH4)-> Chitradurga -(NH13+SH45)-> Jagalur -(SH45)-> Ujjaini

From Hubli:
By road its around 165 km.
Route: Hubballi -(NH63)-> Gadag -(NH63+SH45)-> Mundargi -(SH45)-> Itagi -(SH45)-> Kotturu -(SH45)-> Ujjaini

From Davangere:
By road its around 75 km.
Route: Davangere -> Anaji -> Jagaluru -> Ujjaini

From Bellary:
By road its around 105 km.
Route: Bellary -> Torangallu -> Sandur -> Kudligi -> Ujjaini

There is no good accommodation in Ujjaini, best place to stay is Davangere.

History of Marulasidda

In the 12th century there lived a couple in this place who were strong followers & devotee of Lord Shiva. They did'nt have children for a long period. Once Lord Shiva came to this place in disguise of Rushi/Sadhu. He was in need of water, so he went to this couple's house & asked for water. The couple happily gave water to the Rushi. Impressed with the help, he asked the couple what they need, they said since long time they are not having any children, so kindly bless us with a baby. The Rushi blessed the couple & disappeared, it was then Sri Marulasidda was born for this couple. Marulasidda was very intelligent & he used to do miracles. At his younger days because of his miracles, few villagers could'nt believe & got irritated. They planned to burry him in a pit by putting limestone & other heating elements, after doing this also Marulasidda came out of it without any problem. This was a real miracle, after this incident people started following him. He asked the local king to give him some land to establish the "Peetha" & temple. He did a lot of work including fighting against religious exploitation & social inequalities perpetrated in the name of God & religion. Finally since he knew about his death, one day he went in to the cave inside the Peetha & disappeared. Later a temple was constructed around the Aikya Mantapa of his holiness Sri Marulasidda.

History of Jetigeppa/Jetteppa Temple

When Sri Marulasidda was at his peak of doing the miracles, roaming around the places in preaching his principles & doing miracles, once he went to Kolhapur, current day in Maharastra. Maya, a yogini from Kolhapur tries to overpower Marulasidda by her occult skills. But Marulasidda proves to be a match for her. He turns her in to a kinnari & carries her away.

While returning back to Ujjaini, impressed by the spiritual powers of Sri Marulasidda, the Jettis (powerful people) of Kolhapur offered a help to Marulasidda to protect him all the time & came along with Marulasidda to Ujjaini. So whenever somebody wants to meet Marulasidda, they had to get a permission from Jettis & then could meet Marulasidda. Even now the same process is followed, in the sense before going to the Marulasiddeshwara Temple, first we need to go to Jetigeppa Temple & then proceed to Marulasiddeshwara Temple.

History of Taralabalu

After many years of preaching his principles to the people, finally when his days near to end, he finds a person Telugubalu Siddeshwara & decides him to be the successor of the Peetha. On a full moon day of the month of Magha in Ujjaini, Marulasidda installed his disciple to Telugubalu Siddeshwara with the blessings "Tarala Nee Balu" i.e. "Long live, my land". From that day onwards whoever heads this pontifical throne is know as "Taralabalu Jagadguru". Taralabalu Mutt was initially in Ujjaini continued after Sri Marulasidda, but in the recent years, due to some dispute the mutt had to be moved to Sirigere in Chirtadurga district.

Photos of Ujjaini Marulasiddeshwara Temple:

A view of Jetigeppa/Jetteppa Temple

Another view of Jetteppa Temple

Inside view if Jettappa Temple

Entrance of the Temple

View of the main Temple gopura

Gowridevi Temple

Inside the temple

View of Sri Marulasiddeshwara Shrine

Back entrance to the Temple

Back side of the temple

Another view of the back side

Teru getting ready for the evening teru pulling


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