Honnemaradu, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Honne Maradu (Kannada: ಹೊನ್ನೇಮರಡು) is a small village near Jog Falls/Talaguppa in Shivamogga District of the Indian state of Karnataka. This beautiful tourist place is situated in the back waters of River Sharavathi over looking the Linganamakki reservoir. This huge reservoir is mainly for the hydro electric power plant near Kargal from KPTCL. In the middle of this huge water body there are many small small islands that attracts the tourists. Honnemaradu is not a commercial place or a resort, its completely a nature place with thick forest with very less human habitation, there is no power also, there is infact no loo also :-) For all nature lovers who want to stay out of city for couple of days, this is a very great place. There are a wide range of water sports like Kayaking, windsurfing, coracling ...

Getting There:
From Talaguppa its around 12 km & from Bengaluru its around 380 km.
Route: Bengaluru --NH4--> Tumkur --NH206-->Tiptur --NH206-->Arsikere --NH206--> Kadur/Birur --NH206--> Shivamogga --NH206--> Sagar --NH206-- Talaguppa --> Honne Maradu.

By Bus:
There are a lot of KSRTC Buses to Talaguppa/Sagar from Bengaluru. Buses going to Jog Falls, Honnavar, Kumta, Karwar will go via Talaguppa, one can get down in Talaguppa or Sagar & take a local Jeep to Honnemaradu which is around 12 km. If you are a trek enthusiast, then you can trek from Talaguppa to Honnemaradu (around 7km)

There are actually some organizations (eco enthusiasts) who will arrange for the trip & accommodation in Honnemaradu. One of such is "The Adventures", contact details will be updated shortly ...

Places of Interest nearby:
* Jog Falls (Around 20 km) : World famous & the highest waterfalls in India
* Ikkeri (Around 30 km) : Second capital of Keladi Nayakas, Aghoreshvara Temple is the major attraction here.
* Dabbe Falls (Around 30km)
* Varadamoola (Around 35 km) : Birth place of River Varada
* Sigandhur (Around 40 km) : Famous Choudeshwari Temple
* Keladi (Around 32 km) : First capital of Keladi Nayakas, Rameshwara Temple is major attraction here

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  1. Dear sir, I saw a comment on your web saying that there are lot of organisations organizing activities at honnemardu. this is wrong the one and only organisation organize activities at honnemardu is The Adventurers A Wilderness School and this is the only organisation which has official licence for the same