Maharashtra, India

Maharashtra is a state in the central western part of India. The Financial capital & the biggest city of India is also the capital of the Maharashtra state. Satvahanas were the first well known rulers of the Maharashtra region during the early first century. Then the major rulers of this region were the Badami & Kalyani Chalukyas & the Rashtrakutas who ruled for a very longer period, then there was a Muslim interlude which later was defeated by the Marathas during 17th century. Chatrapati Shivaji was a popular able administrator of the Maratha Kingdom.

Maharashtra Tourism:
Maharashtra is a beautiful state with scenic mountain range in the Konkan region, historic places like the Ellora, Ajanta, Elephanta caves which are World Heritage Sites, beautiful coast line with nice beaches. Forts & Palaces also attract a lot of tourists in Maharashtra.

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