Beautiful Roads in India

India being such a big country (7th largest in the world) has a huge road network. There are different kinds of roads maintained by different authorities. The major ones are the National Highways (NH), Expressways, State Highways (SH), District Roads & Village Roads. Here in this post I'll be putting the best roads in India which I have travelled so far with photos.

Here is the list of Best, Beautiful & Scenic Roads in India which I have come across so far.

 Mumbai - Pune Expressway (Maharashtra)

Amruthapura, Karnataka (with photos)

Amruthapura is a village in Tarikere taluk of Chikmagalur district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The Amrutheshwara Temple at Amruthapura built by the Hoysalas during the 12th century is a very beautiful place which is near to the Bhadra reservoir. Its very near to the Tarikere town, but the road from Tarikere to Amruthapura is very bad. 

Front view of Amrutheshwara Temple

Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi, Karnataka (with photos)

Belavadi / Belawadi is a small village in Chikmagalur district in the Indian state of Karnataka, its just around 10 km from Halebidu towards Banavara. The Veera Narayana Temple in Belavadi is built by the Hoysalas during 1200 AD by Veera Ballala II.

Front view of Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi

Belur, Karnataka (with photos)

Belur a historic town in the Hassan district of the Indian state of Karnataka was the first capital of the Hoysala Empire. The town lies on the banks of the river Yagachi. Earlier name of Belur was Velapuri.

Chennakeshava Temple, Belur

Halebidu / Halebeedu, Karnataka (with photos)

Halebidu located in Hassan district of the Indian state of Karnataka is an ancient capital of the Hoysala Kingdom. Hoysaleshwara Temple built in the 12th century by the King Vishnuvardhana is a major attraction in Halebidu. It is learnt that it took almost 105 yrs to complete the full temple. Later in the 14th century the Temple was ruined by the muslim invaders. 

Hoysaleshwara Temple, Halebidu

Balligavi / Belagami, Karnataka (with photos)

Balligavi / Belagami / Belligavi / Belagame or also known as Dakshina Kedara is an ancient Temple town in the Shikaripura taluk of Shivamogga district of the Indian state of Karnataka. Its also famous as the birth place of the great 12th century Veerashaiva saint & Vachanakara Allama Prabhu. Its is also closely associated with the great Vachana poetess of the 12th century Veerashaiva bhakti movement  Akka Mahadevi.

Front view of Kedareshvara Temple, Balligavi