Amruthapura, Karnataka (with photos)

Amruthapura is a village in Tarikere taluk of Chikmagalur district of the Indian state of Karnataka. The Amrutheshwara Temple at Amruthapura built by the Hoysalas during the 12th century is a very beautiful place which is near to the Bhadra reservoir. Its very near to the Tarikere town, but the road from Tarikere to Amruthapura is very bad. 

Front view of Amrutheshwara Temple

The Temple complex is surrounded by the Arecanut & Coconut plantations, so surrounding is full of greenery.

Side view of Amrutheshwara Temple

Getting There:
From Tarikere its just around 8.5 km
From Shivamogga its around 48 km
From Chikmagalore its around 64 km
From Bengaluru its around 240 km
Route: Bengaluru --NH4--> Tumkur --NH206--> Tiptur --NH206--> Arasikere --NH206--> Birur --NH206--> Tarikere --> Tarikere

Inside Amrutheshwara Temple

Places of Interest near Amruthapura:
* Kemmanagundi (40 km) : A hill station in Chikmaglore district
* Kallathgiri Falls (32 km) : Water Falls near Kemmangundi
* Hebbe Falls (42 km) : Water Falls near Kemmangundi
* Bhadra Dam (30 km)
* Shivamogga (48 km)
* Chikmagalur (64 km)
* Koodli (55 km) : The place where the Rivers Tunga & Bhadra converge.
* Mullayanagiri (70 km) : Highest peak in Karnataka

Photos of Amruthapura Temple:

 Hoysala Emblem

 Lord Amrutheshwara

 Rear view of the Temple

 Side view of Amrutheshwara Temple

 Ceiling carvings inside the Temple

 Sharadadevi at Amrutheshwara Temple

Shiva Lingu at Amrutheshwara Temple 

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