Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi, Karnataka (with photos)

Belavadi / Belawadi is a small village in Chikmagalur district in the Indian state of Karnataka, its just around 10 km from Halebidu towards Banavara. The Veera Narayana Temple in Belavadi is built by the Hoysalas during 1200 AD by Veera Ballala II.

Front view of Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi

This Temple has 3 shrines, hence its also called as Trikutachala. One shrine of Narayana is in the middle & the other 2 shrines of Lord Krishna (Venugopala) & Yoganarasimha face each other. According to the Archeological Survey of India, Venugopala's shrine is one of the most beautiful & attractive in entire India. The other 2 shrines are also one of the best example of Hoysala art. The Temple is fully Vastu complaint. During some season (guess March) the sunlight falls directly on the Narayana shrine which is in the middle & around 50-60 mts away from the open space.

Getting there:
From Halebidu its around 10 km
From Chikmagalur its around 26 km
From Bengaluru its around 210 km
Route: Bengaluru --NH4--> Tumkur --NH206--> Tiptur --NH206--> Arasikere --NH206--> Banavara --NH234--> Javagal --> Belavadi

 Entrance to Veera Narayana Temple

Places of Interest nearby Belavadi:

* Halebidu (10 km) : Hoysaleshwara & Kedareshwara Temples
* Belur (27 km) : Early capital of Hoysalas, Chennakeshava Temple
* Chikmagalur (26 km) : Tourist place

More photos of the Veera Narayana Temple, Belavadi ..

Carvings at Veera Narayana Temple

Inside Veera Narayana Temple

 Venugopala Shrine

 Narayana Shrine

Yoganarasimha Shrine

Flowers farm on the way from Belavadi to Belur


  1. Superb Photos, I feel all the more proud to be from the place. Belavadi

  2. Hi Crownhrishi,

    Thanks for visiting the website & for your comments, good to hear that you are from Belavadi, yeah its a very nice place & the Temple is also too good. We visited Belavadi last month during our visit to Belur & Halebidu.