Koodli / Kudli - Sangama of River Tunga & Bhadra, Karnataka (with photos)

Koodli / Kudli is a small village in the Shivamogga district of the Indian state of Karnataka. This is the place where the 2 Rivers (Tunga & Bhadra) meet & forms a bigger River Tungabhadra which later joins Krishna & finally joins the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh.

Rameshwara Temple, Kudli

There is an ancient Temple - The Rameshwara Temple dated back to 12th century near the confluence of the 2 Rivers (Tunga & Bhadra). Hoysalas Emblem is installed on top of the Gopura. In front of the Rameshwara Temple, there is another Temple - Chintamani Narasimhaswamy Temple.

Shiva Lingu at the Rameshwara Temple

Getting There:
Koodli is around 16 km from Shivamogga on the Channagiri road (NH13). Same distance from Bhadravathi also.
From Bengaluru: Its around 290 km
Route: Bengaluru --NH4--> Tumkur --NH4--> Chitradurga --NH13--> Holalkere --NH13--> Channagiri --NH13--> Holehonnur --> Koodli

Places of Interest around Koodli:
* Shivamogga (16 km)
* Channagiri Fort (28 km)
* Gajanur Dam (28 km)
* Bhadra Dam (45 km)

Hoysala Emblem at the top of the Temple

Kaalabhairaveshwara Temple

Rear view of Rameshvara Temple

Front view of Rameshwara Temple

River Bhadra

River Tunga

River Tungabhadra

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