Bijapur/Vijapura, Karnataka, India (with photos)

Bijapur/Vijapura (Kannada: ವಿಜಾಪುರ) is a city & a district head quarters in the northern parts of the Indian state of Karnataka. This historic city was established by the Kalyani Chalukyas during the 10-11th century & was then called Vijayapura which in Kannada means City of Victory. Later the city was ruled by the Bahmani Sultanates, followed by Adil Shahi Dynasty. It was under this dynasty all the architectural activity started & the famous mosques, tombs & lot of other monuments were built.

Gol Gumbaz - Side View

Gol Gumbaz - Front View

Getting There:
Bijapur is around 520 km from Bengaluru, the state capital.
Route: Bengaluru --NH4--> Chitradurga --NH13--> Hospete --NH13--> Hungund --NH13--> Bijapur/Vijapura
From Hyderabad: Its around 375 km
Route: Hyderabad --NH9--> Humnabad --NH218--> Gulbarga/Kalburgi --NH218--> Bijapur/Vijapura
From Solapur: Its around 100 km
From Mumbai: Its around 500 km
Route: Mumbai --NH4--> Pune --NH9--> Solapur --> Bijapur/Vijapura
From Hubli: Its around 200 km
Route: Hubli --NH218--> Bagalkote --NH218--> Bijapur/Vijapura

Places of Interest in Bijapur:
* Gol Gumbaz : A world famous monument, the dome of Gol Gumbaz is the second largest in the world next in size to St Peter's Basilica in Rome
* Lord Shiva Statue : This 85 ft tall Shiva Staute is the second largest Shiva Statue
* Jumma Masjid
* Ibrahim Rauza : Tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II
* Malik-e-Maidan
* Barakaman
* Upli Buruj

Places of Interest near Bijapur:
* Alamatti Dam (60 km)
* Kudala Sangama (90 km) : Pilgrimage center for Lingayats (Aikya Mantapa of Lord Basaveshwara)
* Basavana Bagewadi (45 km)
* Aihole (110 km) : First capital of Chalukya Dynasty
* Pattadkal (122 km) : Group of Monuments of 8th century - Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site
* Badami (120 km) : Capital of Chalukya Dynasty
* Mahakuta (124 km) : Mahakuta Group of Temples built during the 5-6th century by the early Chalukyas

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