Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon located in the United States in the state of Arizona is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Having a history of billion years of the Earth's geological history, geologists believe that is was formed by the deep carving of the River Colorado. More details on the history & formation of this canyon can be found in the Wikipedia

Grand Canyon is also one of the World Heritage Site. Currently its maintained by the National Park Service of the Unites States. The park has 2 entrance, the North Rim which is accessible by Arizona State Route 67 & South Rim which is accessible by Arizona State Route 64. The North Rim is smaller & more remote, so not many people take this entrance. Many people take the south entrance which is bigger & more accessible. There are many places for accommodation neat the south Rim. If you don't get accommodation in Grand Canon Village, you could also try in a place called Williams which is like hour & a half to 2 hrs drive from the National Park.

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