Crater Lake, Oregon, USA

Crater Lake located in the southern part of the Oregon state of the United States is the deepest lake in the United States & 7th deepest in the world. A beautiful island in the south western part of the lake, with pure water so blue in color & the cliffs surrounding the lake covered by snow makes the lake picturesque.

The Lake is part of the Crater Lake National Park. To experience the beauty of the lake, do a rim drive. Generally the west rim drive will mostly be open, the north & east rim dives will be open only in peak summer (July, August). To get down in to the water, you need to go towards Cleetwood Cove to the north of the lake, this will be open only during peak summer.

Places to visit nearby:

* Diamond Lake

Do check the current weather conditions, webcams, directions & all other important information from this National Park Service website:

Video of the Crater Lake taken from different points with zoom

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