Dudhsagar Falls, Karnataka-Goa, India

Dudhsagar Falls located on the Karnataka - Goa border in India is one of the spectacular multi tiered waterfall. This 4 tiered waterfall has a height of 310m (1017 feet). There is a railway bridge at the 3rd & the last tier of the falls, the beauty of this falls is when the train is crossing the bridge with the falls in the backdrop. During summer the falls will mostly be dry, the best season to see the beauty of this falls is during monsoon and early winter which is July - December.

View of the falls from the view point of the lower falls.

Last tier, lower falls of Dudhsagar

There are various view points for Doodhsagar Falls, one is right next to the bottom of the falls, other one is from the train when the train is crossing the bridge in front of the falls & another one is from the Dudhsagar view point, here you can see the full 4 tiered waterfalls with the train in front of the falls.

To go near the falls to the bottom, you need to take a Jeep ride or you need to trek. Jeep ride is advisable only from end of Dec to start of rainy season as the Jeeps have to cross the water streams on the way & during monsoon, the level & water current will be high. Jeeps generally charge you 350 Rs. per person or 2100 Rs. for hiring full Jeep which can carry max of 6 people.

 On the way to the falls

How to reach the Falls:
By Road:
The base point or the entrance to the Dudhsagar Falls is at Kulem/Colem, there is a Dudhsagar Jeep Taxi stand here. One has to take a Jeep to reach the base of the waterfalls. Distance from the Dudhsagar Jeep Taxi stand to the falls is about 10-12 kms, though its just about 10-12 kms, the time it takes to reach is about an hour as the road is bumpy, muddy, has to cross rivers/streams. Check out the experience of this Jeep ride here or at the end of the post.
Kulem is off NH4A, you need to take a turn towards Kulem at the Mullem junction on NH4A. Buses plying from Panjim/Vasco towards Londa/Dharwad-Hubballi have a stop at Mullem.

Route from Panjim/Vasco to Mullem (1-2 Hrs):
Panjim/Vasco -> Ponda -> Mullem

Route from Bengaluru to Mullem (About 8-9 Hrs)
Bengaluru -> Davangere -> Hubballi-Dharwad -> Alnavar

Route from Mumbai/Pune to Mullem (8-11 Hrs)
Mumbai/Pune -> Satara -> Kolhapur -> Belagavi -> Khanapur -> Londa -> Mollem

By Train:
There are trains from Vasco to other places like Hubballi, Yeshwantpur (Bengaluru), Chennai, Howrah, Patna, Nizamuddin (New Delhi) ... most of the trains have stop at Kulem. 

Places of Interest near Dudhsagar Falls:
* Tambdi Surla Temple: A beautiful 12th century Mahadeva Temple built by the Kadamba Dynasty.
* Beaches in Goa
* Forts in Goa
* Churches in Goa
* Dandeli, Karnataka: Wildlife Sanctuary, River Rafting, Trekking, Camping, ...

Small streams on the way to the Falls.

Bumpy Jeep ride from Kulem to Dudhsagar Falls

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