Top 10 waterfalls in Karnataka, India with photos

The state of Karnataka because of its geographic location, the majority of state covered by western ghats, the highest mountains & some of the wettest places with high rainfalls, coz of all these Karnataka has the highest number of beautiful waterfalls in India.

Here in this page listing the top 10 waterfalls in Karnataka (Amazing Waterfalls in Karnataka):

1. Jog Falls or Gersoppa Falls
Jog Falls located in the Shivamogga/Uttara Kannada district borders of Karnataka is the second highest plunge waterfalls in India with a drop height 253m (830 ft)
Jog Falls, Karnataka

2. Dudhsagar Falls, Karnataka-Goa Border

Lower Half of Dudhsagar Falls, Karnataka-Goa border

3. Shivanasamudra Falls (Gaganachukki & Bharachukki Falls)

Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka
4. Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls, Madikeri, Karnataka
5. Gokak Falls

6. Sathodi Falls

7. Hebbe Falls

8. Sirimane Falls

9. Kunchikal Falls

10. Hanumangundi Falls