Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur, California, USA

Pfeiffer Beach, located in the Big Sur area of the Central Coast of California in the United States, is a beautiful purple sand beach with rock formations with a big door sized hole which gets a spectacular view of light emerging out from that hole at the time of sunset. This beach is not so easily accessible, you need to take the Sycamore Canyon Road from Highway 1, which lies in the midway from Bixby Bridge to McWay Falls.

How to get to Pfeiffer Beach:
Pfeiffer Beach is about 16 miles from south from the Bixby Bridge on the California Highway 1. You need to take Sycamore Canyon Rd exit from Highway 1 & travel about 2 miles to get to this beach.

Places of interest nearby Pfeiffer Beach:

* McWay Falls, Big Sur: Oceanic Falls, water falls directly in to the Ocean
* Bixby Bridge
* Monterrey

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